Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For those wanting to buy/sell watches in India

I like to go over at Ebay India from time to time and see what's on offer. But all that seems to be available are the run of the mill Japanese quartz watches and loads of fakes :( This got me and CF thinking about letting India Watch Blog help people sell/buy watches (genuine ones only!!) by listing them on our sales site.
The site hasn't seen much activity of late since my friends seem to take interest in the ones we plan on selling, and take them off our hands even before we can list them. Also, there haven't been any new purchases, off late, since there were loads of expenses that had come up in the recent past. So we essentially didn't have any new watches to add to our collection that would've made room for the older ones to be sold off.
So anyone looking to buy or sell a watch, drop in a mail at n3m3s1s_rulz@yahoo.com and we'll be glad to list it up on our blog.