Friday, August 26, 2011

When you think you know it all...

I'd like to start off by apologising for not posting anything for a while now. Both CF and I, have been terribly busy with a personal project and been hard pressed to find the time to do anything else. This also meant that we were spending less time with our better halves. So when CF asked me to come along to help him buy a watch for his girl friend, I took the opportunity to get my wife a little something as well.
While on the way to the store, we debated about what to get. We had a budget of around 10k($222) each, so we had our work cut out for us. The biggest challenge was to get a watch that's available locally, which meant that we couldn't take our time ordering something online. Plus with the increase in import duty there was no telling what the customs officials might fancy adding to the price.
The first two options that came to mind were 'Seiko' and 'Tissot', so we started deciding which ones fall within our budget. We were feeling confident with our decision but then CF suggested that we get some confirmation. Now, the only way to do this was to call up the others better half and have them suggest a look or design and then end up buying the same watch for them, while asking them to stay mum, so as to not "ruin the surprise". Interestingly, the conversation on both our ends went something like this:
Me (to CF's girl friend): Hey, I wanna buy a nice watch for the wife, and needed some inputs.
Her: Sure! Just get her something with some bling!
Me: Err...I was thinking of a nice entry level Tissot.
Her: Does it have diamonds on it?
Me: You mean crystals?
Her: Yeah, same thing.
Me: No, not in my budget, but it's still a nice Swiss Made watch from a 'real' watch company and...
Her: Yeah, but bling is in, so she won't like it. Just get anything with diamonds.

The conversation between CF and my wife went the same way. No matter how much we tried pointing out the importance of a good watch making brand, it didn't really make much of a difference. In the end we gave up and made our way to a Guess outlet. There, CF picked up the one on the left:

Since my wife already had to Guess watches, I ended up picking up a Swatch Irony:

The cost? The Guess was for around Rs8,000($178) after a 15% discount, while the Swatch cost Rs6550($145)

Usually, CF and I are the 'go-to' guys for any watch related queries and suggestions and being a WIS it's easy to overlook the so called 'fashion watches'. But the guys in the marketing department for the various fashion houses, know what their customers want. Looks like we have a lot of learning to do!