Monday, March 11, 2013

This one got me excited...almost!

I am subscribed to a news letter from Ethos, which is one of the bigger (if not biggest) watch boutique chains here, and every now and then, they send me these 'one time offers'. Most of the time, I simply dismiss them, as firstly, I am a bit short on dough, and secondly I have my aim set a bit high for my next watch - whenever that might be. Also most of the time, the offer is on this brand called Edox, that seems one of those brands that's priced as a higher-end brand, but isn't - this is strictly my personal opinion, and I maybe wrong.

So recently, I got another offer mail, but this time I thought I'll check it out just for the fun of it. The watch this time was an Edox Xtreme Pilot III, and I must say, its quite an eye catching piece. I quite like the green accents, although some may disagree.

Anyway, so the mail says that this watch retails for  Rs. 1,13,700 ($2088 USD), but its being offered at a flat 40% off, which brings it down to Rs.68220 ($1252 USD). Now, that's not a bad price for a watch like this. Lets have a look at he description:

Powered by a shock-resistant and durable chronograph movement, the Xtreme Pilot III features numerous inspiring complications. The black carbon dial houses chronograph functions, a date window at 6 o’clock and a tachymeter scale on the outer rim. The large 45mm case along with the over-sized electric green push button in anodized aluminium give the watch a distinctly bold appearance. Crafted in ultra-light titanium, the timekeeper runs on the Edox Calibre 103 movement. 

Ok, so it seems to be built pretty well, however my only gripe is the movement - Edox Calibre 103. For some reason, I was really hoping it was a mechanical one, and if it was, its a very good buy in my opinion. Sadly, after a bit of searching, I learnt that its based on a Ronda 5021.D, which is quartz.

Not too much of a quartz fan, I'll have to pass, but for those who don't mind the quartz movement - and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I think this still is a decent buy. Want another reason to get it? They have also mentioned in the mail that its a limited edition watch with only three pieces available at Ethos. So, if you want it, contact your nearest Ethos :)