Thursday, March 17, 2011


About a month ago, I was browsing through Watchlords , and i came across a post which had a link to a video about the Submariner. Its not really a video, but a slide show of a few beautiful pics with some music in the background. A few seconds into the video, and I had a smile on my face :)

A couple of years ago, when my dream was to own a Sub, i couldn't really imagine myself ever getting one in the near future. I never could seem to get any inspiration to just forget about everything and go for it. I used to feel pretty sad really. Then one day Bio suggested that we should put pics of the watch we wanted (Sub for me and a white Explorer II for him) as our desktop wallpaper on our comps at work. I tried to choose a pic that will really make me want the watch more and more every time I would look at it and chose this (the very first pic in the video) :

I would look at it everyday and keep telling myself, "I shall have it soon!", and how nice it would look on my wrist. It worked!! And not too long after that, I bought a Sub!! Although it wasn't new, it was in excellent condition with not a single scratch on it. I was on top of the world!

So when I looked at that video, it reminded me of that time and how I actually managed to get my dream watch. By the way, for those who are wondering about Bio - he changed his preference soon and chose to go for a white dial Seamaster instead. A pic was put up on his comp and soon he too had his grail on his wrist. In fact he got it a couple of days before me and his was brand new :)