Saturday, July 9, 2011

Incoming!! Orient Mako Pepsi!

A truly stunning gift from my girlfriend, this one came just in time for my birthday (10th July)!! I wanted one for a long time now and as you can probably imagine, I'm very ecstatic! :)
The rubber band that came with it was replaced by the matching Pepsi coloured NATO within a minute after I opened the box. Shout out to Marc from ISLAND WATCH for taking some time off from his vacation and getting this shipped in time :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Increase in import duty on watches!

I just came back from the customs office and I was alarmed to hear that the import duty on watches has be increased to 40% from March. It doesn't end here - if like me, you are a private collector and don't have an Import Code (used by companies who import stuff all the time), there is an additional 20% slapped on you as a fine plus 2% for some other crappy fee. So essentially , you could be expected to pay a whopping 62% duty on your watch! If you do have an Import Code, then the total duty is just 20% or so.
Of course, if you are good with your 'persuasion skills', you can get away for less. Whats weird is that I had to pay a duty of only 22% ( when compared to 60%) when I got my Laco via FedEx just a week ago :s

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New e-mail address:

We get a lot of e-mails from you guys, and we love answering them, so we thought that it would be better to have a simple & easy to remember e-mail address for the blog, rather than the complicated ones we normally use. So for all future communications kindly send all your questions to our new e-mail address:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laco Pilot 42 Type A Automatic - Ref: 861692 "Bremen"

Originally termed 'Beobachtungsuhr' or 'B-Uhr' for short, these type of watches were specially crafted for the German Luftwaffe pilots by A. Lange & Söhne, IWC, Wempe and the Pforzheim brands Laco and Stowa. The primary concern for these types of watches was the ease of readability even when the pilots were up in the air. For this very reason, a black dial with white luminous hands and numbers and a specially marked 12 o'clock denoted by a triangle with two small circles on the sides. Thus the Flieger, also commonly know as the Pilot or Aviator watch was born.

Laco Pilot 42 Type A Automatic - Ref: 861692 "Bremen"

Packaging: This watch come with a smart black leather zipper pouch which is pretty tough from the inside to protect it from any external damage. This leather case itself comes inside a nice cardboard box. Both the leather pouch and the cardboard box have 'Laco/1925' written on them on the bottom right corner, which in my mind looks pretty elegant.

The watch comes along with an additional black leather strap and a small manual which tells you how to set the time for all the different kinds of movements used by Laco.

First Impression: This watch is quite stunning in its own simple way. Definitely something that catches your attention. The leather strap with the rivets goes really well with the dial and enhances the overall look of the watch.

Case: 42mm wide and 12mm in height, stainless steel with a beautiful matte finish to it. It has "FL23883" engraved on the left and some more stuff on the back. The quality seems really good and has a nice feel to it. This one comes with a domed and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. and waterproof up to 5 ATM, which is good enough for your daily wear. Just like the original, this one comes with an 'onion crown' which looks great on a Flieger.

Movement: The Bremen runs on the ever dependable Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2. It has 25 jewels, does 28800 bph and has no date complication.

Dial: This model has the Type A dial, which excludes the inner circle as compared to the Type B dial. I prefer this one as its got a nice clean look to it. The hour marking have Arabic numbers and the traditional triangle for the 12.
The hands hands are nice and wide for easy readability, which was a very important factor while constructing these kinds of watches back when they were first produced. The hands also have a beautiful blue outline which gives the watch a very classy look. Both the hands and the hour markings have Superluminova C3 on them which is pretty bright once charged.

Strap: The watch comes with a nice thick brown calf leather strap with a couple of rivets on either side of the case, which look great, just like the original Laco Pilot. As mentioned above, this watch comes with an additional black leather strap, which I think is pretty sweet. The buckle had Laco engraved on it.

Overall Impression: This watch had been on my wish list for quite a while now and I can truly say that it doesn't disappoint at all. It really a stunning timepiece with very nice build quality. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, although the case is 42mm, it has the presence and the look of a 44-45mm case, but somehow doesn't appear over sized. It looks just right!
There are lots of companies that produce Fliegers, but not all of them are a part of its history. I think Laco has done a wonderful job recreating this stunning and classic timepiece, with great build quality and at an affordable price.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Surprise delivery

Some of you might be aware that a while back, CF and I had taken an online course in watch repair. Unfortunately, we soon ran out of watches to practice on (or destroy?). To add to it, work at our workplace also increased, and the course came to an abrupt stop. We'd always discuss about resuming it, but never got the time or inclination to do it.
A few days ago, I got a surprise delivery from a WIS friend from Delhi. It was a box containing six 'guinea pig' watches for me and CF to practice on. Along with it was a letter which encouraged us to "experiment on" the watches and basically do whatever we felt like with them, and if we wanted more, there were many more from where they came from!
If there was anything that could motivate us into completing the course, it was this!
Here are the six 'guinea pigs':

I have to confess though. While, I'm pumped about being able to work on the watches, I really can't bring myself to fiddle around with the Enicar.

The watch is screaming for a restoration and I hope my watch guy can do a good job with it.

A special shout out to Sumer, who took time out to collect the watches and ship them out to us. Both CF and I truly appreciate it! :)