Friday, April 9, 2010

Another HMT in the house!

Yup, there is another HMT in the collection - the Janta. The thing about HMT watches is that they are so cheap that its almost impossible not to pick one up every time you step into a watch shop. My dad was visiting his hometown last week and as always, calls me up when he spots a shop selling HMT watches, in case I am interested. So as always, I asked him to inquire about the black Pilot and as expected, they didn't have it. The salesman then showed my dad the Janta with a red second hand and when I was asked if I want it (and although I never actually had in on my list), being so cheap, I couldn't refuse. So here it is now, enjoy the pics :)

For lack of a better background, I placed the watch on the keyboard of my laptop.


Anonymous said...

It is very rare to find a Indian blog about watches and Thanks for the valuable info you have posted. Keep'em coming :)

crazyfingers said...

Thank you. I too was looking for an Indian blog initially, but when couldn't find one, I thought why not start one. Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Even I also bought it the fantastic Janta from Patna. But can you tell me where could i buy HMT Jawan?

And hats off to your MHT love.

crazyfingers said...

Hi, I've never actually seen a Jawan in person and honestly, I'm not sure if HMT actually manufactures them. From what I know, they are just normal HMTs with the dial changed. I could be totally wrong here though.