Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So excited!!

My dad has a vintage Omega Cal. 320 which really needed to be repaired as some idiot watchmaker had screwed the movement a long time ago. We had first sent it to the Omega servicing center in the city but they just returned it saying they don't have the parts required to fix it.
Last week, I had come across an ad for a place called "Singapore Watch Company" in my city and they mentioned that they specialize in repairing/servicing old vintage watches. So Bio and I thought we'd give them a shot at fixing it. I just got a call from them saying that the watch is ready to be picked up. We are really hoping they have done a good job at it. We can't wait to surprise our dad!!
Keeping my fingers crossed!


Mark said...

Beautiful story. You guys are cool, been following you on and off for a month or three. regards. URL is not watch related, but nut related. !!

crazyfingers said...

Thanks for frequenting our blog Mark! Nice to know that we've kept your interest alive in it for the past few months. Checked out your URL - nuts can be pretty interesting too! :)

Petra Weiss said...

This is one beautiful watch! I hope everything worked out for you.

crazyfingers said...

Thank you Petra! I'm really happy I found this place. The only other option would have been to ship it for repair abroad. Really glad it all worked out! :)