Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It helps to read the literature!

I came across this article published in 'Mumbai Mirror', (a popular tabloid here in Mumbai) and it saddens me when (educated but arrogant) people can't take some time off to learn some basics, but important, when it comes to buying something expensive :/

"If you have a grievance about your automatic watch failing to keep up,see if you're using it right.Claiming that his self-winding Rolex had gone kaput,octogenarian Dr K R Shetty sought a refund and compensation.
However,the South Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has dismissed his plaint,holding that such watches require regular usage to function well.
For Rs 9.41 lakh,Shetty had bought a Rolex Oyster perpetual daydate watch in September 2007,from a store in Kalaghoda.
The watch used to get automatically charged when worn on a human wrist due to movement of the arm.However,Shetty said the watch was malfunctioning,and returned it to the shop in February 2008.
The shop told Shetty the watch found to be perfectly fine.As the shop refused to refund him,Shetty lodged a complaint before the forum,stating the piece had a manufacturing defect.
The shop argued that the watch lacked power reserve due to poor wrist movement,and said they had even told Shetty to give some manual winds to the watch,which Shetty did not.
Ruling out any defect,Rolex informed Shetty that such watches were to be worn daily,for at least eight hours.
It has to be worn so that it shakes and swings so as to wind the coilspring to provide the energy for it to function well, the company said.
Dismissing Shetty's case,the forum noted last week,In this case,it appears the watch is not worn daily as Shetty claimed to be affluent enough to have more than one timepiece.
Holding that it is for Shetty to prove his claim with independent evidence when tests by the dealer and company prove that the watch was faultless,the forum noted,He has not produced evidence that despite regular use,the watch is malfunctioning. "

Hopefully, he'll pay more attention to the sales staff next time!


Vinit said...

what if one has old self winding watches which have not been used for decades ? wouldn't a normal servicing help recalibrate the watch ? i am asking because i have a few rado watches which have been serviced at the same "retailer at kala ghoda". they told me to wear the watch regularly but i cant wear 3 watches daily .. any solutions ?


Bio said...

Hey Vinit,
I've had that problem myself. The most practical thing would be to get a watch winder, which will automatically keep your watches wound (note: you need to wind the watch before you put it on the winder. It will not wind the watch for you, but just keep it wound)
However, good winders tend to be expensive and aren't easily available here :(
The only other way to keep them wound is to either rotate the watches, or have family members wear them. Some people have suggested strapping it to your dog's tail, but I wouldn't advise that.
Personally, I change my watches on a weekly or monthly basis. Although, I plan on getting a wonder whenever I get the time to go abroad next.