Friday, April 8, 2011

Watches in movies - do they have any influence on you?

So the other day I was watching Constantine on TV and noticed a simple looking watch on Keanu Reeves' wrist. Later in the movie, they zoomed in on it and you can clearly see its an Oris, the Modern Classic to be exact.

(images taken from

I have seen this watch online a few times while browsing different watch sites, but never really looked closely. However, today Bio and I were both actually searched for it and read about the specs and the price (its discontinued now). For a while, a part of me wanted to get one. So clearly, watching the watch in the movie had an affect on both of us (it was the same with the movie Inception too) :D

Later I realized that personally, it really doesn't matter who's wearing the watch. I think it looks nice when paired up with the rest of the character's wardrobe. I guess that has way more influence on me than if I just see a pic of it online.

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