Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Interesting piece of news

For those of whom, who're from Mumbai, have probably read about it. The following made headlines in the tabloid(Mumbai Mirror):

Pratapgarh royals’ antique watches go missing

Iconic Fountain watch dealer in royal theft scam

• Domestic help, store hand arrested after treasure worth crores was sold for less than a lakh

(1Crore = $210,000 and 1Lakh = $2,100)

The demand for high-end watches has got one of the city's most famous shops embroiled in a case of theft of royal heirloom.
An employee of Apsara Pen Mart at Flora Fountain and a domestic help at the Breach Candy residence of the prince of Pratapgarh in Rajasthan, Jaisinh Sisodia, have been arrested in connection with the theft of antique watches, jewellery and coins worth a few crores.
The stolen goods, taken out of the Sisodia house over a period of time by the family servant Sachin Kanojia, were sold for way below their value at Apsara Pen Mart. An antique Patek Philippe watch, easily worth over Rs 1 crore($210,000), was sold for Rs 33,000($700); an Omega Constellation was sold for Rs 15,000($312); and a Tag Heur for Rs 10,000($210).
While the cops have been able to recover almost all of the stolen stuff, two wrist watches — the Patek Philippe and the Corum — are yet to be found.
While the loss of the two watches – the Patek Philippe was custom made for Jaisinh's maternal grandmother, the Rajmata of Navanagar (now Jamnagar) 85 years back -- has caused great distress to the prince and his family, the deceit of the domestic help, who was with the family for 15 years, has hurt more.
The Patek Philippe watch, is just one of two such watches ever made. The watch has a hand-crafted platinum bracelet by Cartier. "The only way you can describe this watch is priceless," said a family member who did not wish to quoted.

The guy who stole it would probably be kicking himeself for not knowing the true value of the watch :D Though I do hope the retrieve it!

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