Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When you see your next purchase getting more distant

EDIT: No price change on the website as of today - 3rd Aug.

I've subscribed to a few watch related mailers and every now and then you get something interesting. Today I got one from a luxury watch store titled 'Omega and Tag Heuer prices rising from tomorrow'.

I've been thinking of saving up for a new watch as its been a while since my last purchase, and I was generally trying to calculate my finances (not pretty unfortunately), but after seeing this, I think its getting more and more unlikely anytime soon :(

Just for the sake of comparison, I'm listing the current prices for a model from each of the above two brands as of today, and then I'll see whats the difference tomorrow.

Prices are in INR (divide by 55 for USD ) and taken from the Ethos Watches website
click on the image to enlarge it


Sundeep said...

yeah i have been reading about the price increase off late but didnt know Tag prices are also going up. Thought it was only rolex and omega making themselves unaffordable to me.

crazyfingers said...

I read somewhere that Tag Heuer plans to try and move up a tier along with Rolex and Omega. I also heard that they might start opening special Tag boutiques. But yes, it all means that we find them more and more unaffordable :(