Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello's been a while

It's literally been years (3 to be precise) since the last post and I have nothing but myself to blame for it.  I'll try my best to give a quick updates about what's been going on...

So what's been happing with Bio and I?
Well, to start with, we've both quit our VFX jobs years ago and started a new business. It's something we had in mind for a while and thought the timing was right. And that's what has kept us really busy for the past couple of years. Another thing that got us out of out regular watch buying and flipping was the fact that we had to start saving for our business and personal expenses. We had to control our spending and our impulses.

Have we bought anything in these past years?
Well, nothing major, just a couple of HMT Pilots (inspired by a fellow WUS member who asked me to source one for him). I had the pictures on my old phone but unfortunately can't find them. The watches too are kept somewhere that I can't recall. When I do find them, I'll post some pics.

What got me back?
Well, the credit goes to one really cool guy called Karan who asked me if I would like to get in touch with other watch lovers from India. I was like, why not, it would be nice to hear about what's been happening in the world of watches (I've been inactive on various forums as well). So I started conversing with a number of wonderful fellow watch addicts and my interest started rising again. I was pleasantly happy to know that some of them had even read this blog :)
I still haven't bought anything since joining this group, but I've set my mind on attaining the next watch on my wish list - the PAM 111.

What to expect ?
Well, this is something I'm really excited about. After months of discussion, we are now having a mini get-together in New Delhi in a couple of days. Around 10 people are expected as of now and I just can't wait to see and try on the watches there! My tickets are booked and I'm just waiting to board the flight.

I will try to write a detailed trip report for this blog. I'll try and take a lot of pics, although my phone camera is average at best. I wish Bio could have also come, plus he has a much better camera phone, but he needs to look after the business while I'm gone. Hopefully we can both be there for the next get-together.

Before I sign off, I would like to thanks all the visitors on this blog. It's been inactive for years, but we've still been getting a steady streams of visitors every single day. I'll start being more active on this blog and reply to comments as soon as I can.

See you guys soon :)

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