Friday, August 5, 2016

Just in from Chile - a Martu Strap

So my first strap for my PAM005 arrives and that too all the way from Chile :)

This strap is made my Andrea from Martu Leather. Someone had mentioned about her on Watchuseek and the prices seemed really reasonable. I had the strap customised on basis of the leather colour, stitch pattern and the length. It even came with a nice card giving the info on the company and the strap. Another thing, the prices included a polished Pre-V buckle!

Regarding my first impressions, the leather feels great and is really soft, exactly what I was hoping for.  The stitching also seems top notch. I had some spare 24mm steel strap tubes lying around so I put them in these.

I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering for more straps from her in the future :)

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