Monday, April 3, 2017

Need To Get In Touch With Us? - Here Is How You Can Do That

Over the years, there have been quite a few visitors on this blog who've had questions regarding watches, servicing, custom duties, sales, etc, and try to get in touch trough the comments section. Although this seems OK, the only way Bio or I can respond is by replying to the question in the comment section and hope that person would visit again to see it.

I guess we can agree it's not too practical. So, from now on, if someone would like to get in touch with us, we suggest you to post a comment with your email and send it to us. We WON'T publish your comment and instead directly reply to you via email.

This way you can be sure to receive a reply (spam comments will obviously be ignored) and you don't have to worry about your email showing up for everyone to see.

It's always a pleasure hearing from you wonderful folks and thank you for visiting India Watch Blog :)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ordered steinhart ocean 1 to India. If yes kindly share the experience and the customs duty etc details

joshua coolz said...

Want to order steinhart ocean 1 from the website. Will I incur custom duty

crazyfingers said...

Yes, be prepared to pay custom duties. Depending on the type of shipping method provided, you may incur the full amount (as in the case with FedEx and UPS) or maybe a reduced or even no duty (if sent via regular post). The duty paid could be in excess of 40%.

Christopher Titus 9030607472 said...

My Grandfather was presented with a Cyma 24 Karat gold pocket watch on a chain with an inscription on the back cover which reads PRESENTED TO G.T.J. Thaddaeus BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION GRAND JAMBOREE 1947. It was given for repair to a trusted watch repair shop in Kozhikode and was collected from them by a relation as we were abroad. I got the watch a couple of months later - but it had been replaced by a cheap digital movement pocket watch. I am posting this comment only to advertise the loss and in the hope that if someone tries to sell it they will be exposed if it is within your domain.