Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exciting weekend up ahead (Hopefully!)

I'm not embarrassed to admit it... I'm the kind of person who gets really excited when I spot a good watch on someone's wrist (it's pretty rare to spot even a Seiko, leave alone a Tag/Longines/Omega/Rolex, etc). So when I learned, that an uncle of mine, invited my entire family to the 'Poonawala Breeders' Million' on the coming Sunday, it really piqued my interest! For those of who that don't know much about it (including me), it's basically a prestigious and upscale horse racing event . For me it means a lot of people, wearing nice watches (hopefully).
I've ridden a few horses before (including thoroughbreads) but never been to a derby. I'm not really intrigued by horse racing but my folks really want to check it out. And also, I don't wanna pass up an opportunity to try my hand at betting, and at the same time, be surrounded by people wearing some really nice watches!
So, Crazyfingers and I will be there, armed with a nice camera, and hopefully get to snap some nice pics of the watches we see there (and yeah, a few pics from the race as well :p)
Wish us luck!

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