Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flipping a watch may not be as easy as you think! (by Bio)

Ok, so there comes a time when you fall out of lust with a particular watch and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't get much wrist time (also, you could use the cash!) So, even though you may not like it, you have to take a call and sell off the watch.
Well, it just so happened that I recently found myself in the exact same situation! The watch in question was my Guess Collection 45003G. Here's a pic from the web:
I had picked up this watch on impulse, sometime in December '08. I had seen it in a shop window and decided that I had to have it. I knew nothing about watches at the time, and even though this watch is quite a stunner on the wrist, had I known that the value of the watch was going to tank, I would've probably gone for something else.
Anyway, after having no success on ebay, I listed it up for sale at, along with a few of Crazyfinger's watches. So about a couple of months and a few Nigerian scammers later, I got a call from a guy, saying that he was interested in the watch. I acted quickly, and arranged a meeting with him so that he could have a look at the watch. Now, I've sold a few watches before this, but this one proved to be really difficult to sell. You see, more than any one else, my girlfriend had taken a real liking to the watch. She said that it was her favourite watch out of my entire collection and even insisted that she'd rather buy it from me, than having me sell it to a stranger.
Thing is, like me, she's pretty broke herself at the moment (tax cuts really do screw you up at this time of the year) and I know for a fact that she'd never be able to pay me back without sacrificing a great deal herself. Had conditions been more favourable, I'd have given the watch to her for free, without a moment's hesitation. I did feel really guilty about it, but I had no choice and finally sold the watch today evening. I've never been so down after selling a watch before. I know its usually hard the first time and gets much easier with time, but it's going to be a while before I get over selling this one. To top it off, its Valentine's Day today, so not really a good day to have your girlfriend depressed (even if its over a watch!) I guess I'll use some of the cash I got, to buy her something nice :)
Who knew selling a watch could be so difficult.

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