Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Avoiding temtation

After I bought my Sub, I thought I could finally relax and not think about buying a new watch for a long time. I was lucky to win a beautiful Tourby Open Heart just a month later and that helped me avoid the 'new watch itch' for another two months, but its back and its bad!

The watch I wanna get next is one of my grail watches and a very special one for me. This is the first watch that I truly fell in love with and promised myself that I will get one someday. Its the beautiful TAG Heuer Carrera Chrono.

With my salary, its gonna be a while before I can get my hands on one and I would be totally OK with the wait, but its not so easy...

There are four watches on my mind that I am really tempted to get as soon as I have the money for them - A Mondaine Official Swiss Railway watch, a Panerai Luminor (PAM111), a Breitling Superocean Heritage and a Dievas Vortex
(pics taken from the net)

Now the Breitling and the PAM are my other grail watches and would still require some serious cash but the other two are cheaper and might make me pull the trigger before I can save enough to get the TAG. So how do I avoid temptation? One method is to put a pic of the Carrera as my desktop wallpaper so I can stay focused on it. This actually worked quite well for me when I was looking to get the Sub, but I really doubt its gonna work this time. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Any suggestions?

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