Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rs. 28000 ($610 USD) to service a Rolex Sub (no date)!!!

When I bought my Rolex Sub (no date) in Singapore, I had the option of getting it serviced there for around $400 SGD (Rs. 13000), which included a crown replacement. I declined as I had to leave the next day and also because I always thought it would be cheaper in India. Off late, there has been a lot of talk on some forums about the increase in servicing cost by Rolex and I thought I should get mine serviced before its too late. So I called up the RSC (Rolex Service Center) here (Mumbai) and asked them for a quote for just the basic service for my Sub - keep in mind its without the date complication. To my horror, they quoted Rs.28000 ($610 USD)!! Foolishly I had hoped that the charges would be a lil low here as labour is cheap in India. Boy! Was I so wrong. I still regret not getting it serviced when I had the chance in Singapore. Its about the same there now.
(RSC Orchard Road, Singapore)
My only options are to save up for it or just get it serviced from an independent watch guy. I mean what bugs me is that its a simple watch without any complications. 28k is a lil too much honetsly. Omega is much cheaper as fa as I know. Now that I think of it, people with Pateks and VCs must be paying like crazy for their watches.


hari said...

It is expensive. I recollect paying around Rs.1500 in 1983 for cleaning and oiling my Explorer 2 at Lund and Blockley who were the official service agents.
Now, I use a cheap quartz and change it every 2 years.....much more economical.

crazyfingers said...

Hi Hari,

This was back in 2010, and from what I have read, the servicing cost has gone up considerably since then.

Anonymous said...

I've paid 495€ in France few month ago for a 2000 Datejust 34mm.
A service for an Omega is a little more as far as i know but they change more parts at "their" costs and it seems like you get the parts back, with Rolex they keep the old parts.

crazyfingers said...

Thanks for sharing, it's really interesting. Omega service here is cheaper than Rolex unless you're sending in a vintage model. I think the service cost for Rolex in India too now is close what you've mentioned.


crazyfingers said...

I just realised that the US Dollar value to the Indian Rupee (INR) was pretty low in 2010, especially compared to today. The service cost may be the same in terms of USD, but definitely much more when you pay in INR.