Monday, September 20, 2010

A lot of spotting lately

Not too long ago, whenever someone asked in a forum, the watches you've spotted in the wild, I replied with my usual spotting of fashion brands. I remember when I went to Singapore, I was blown away by the number of high end watches people were sporting and wondered if I could ever see that in India. Well, this past month has been pretty good! So far, Bio and I spotted an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, Rolex Sub 16610, Rolex TT GMT Master II, Rolex Airking, Omega Speedmaster and a few TAG Heuer F1s. Also, my Sub was spotted by another person while I was at liquor store. "That's a decent watch you have there", were his exact words just before he left, which unfortunately didn't give me enough time to have a look at his watch. Another WIS maybe?


Ranjan said...

Hi..Would you please suggest me a good wrist watch in the range of INR 3000-5000? I prefer the classic looks.


crazyfingers said...

Hi Ranjan, could you tell me whether you are looking for an automatic or a quartz watch? In that range, I'd suggest a Seiko 5 for an automatic. For example, the SNX113K1 on a leather strap would look very classy.