Monday, January 31, 2011

My Seiko 5

A couple of years ago, I bought a Seiko 5 while on a trip to Thailand. It was more of an impulse buy and started giving me problems on the very first day. The glass had fogged up and I had to take it back and get it fixed the very next day. As time progressed, I realized it doesn't get too much wrist time and so I decided to sell it.
I put an ad for it online and soon was contacted by a watch dealer. A deal was struck for Rs.3750 ($82). A week later that guy contacts me and says he doesn't want the watch and says he wants his money back. I refund him his money but when I get the watch back, its in a bad condition. There are a lot more scratches than before and some if the paint from the markers on the Bezel was missing. The box too was missing and took quite a lot of phone calls before I got it back. I decided its not worth my time to talk to that guy any more and I thought of just making it my beater watch.
Another few months on and a close friend of mine got interested in it. I however couldn't allow myself to sell him the watch in the condition it was in, so I decided to get it serviced. I was slightly worried that the servicing cost would push the price a lil too high for my friend, but I went ahead with it anyway.
I took it to this place called Singapore Watch Company. Some of you may recognize that name as we had got my dad's Omega serviced from there. I wanted a full service and clean up (including original Seiko gaskets). I asked for the total damage and at the same time trying to think what would be a fair price to sell it to my friend and before I knew it he told me - Rs. 600 ($13)!! Not only was it so cheap, he also gave a year's warranty. The watchmaker did a great job at it. The watch now looks beautiful and will hopefully get the wrist time it deserves.


Sumanth said...

This one looks chunky and big. My kinda watch. Have been tempted to buy the seiko 5, but settled for Orients for their in house movements and accuracy.

One more thing i need to ask you. Do you know where to get a nato or zulu strap in India (Bangalore preferably). Need it for my soon to be acquired HMT Pilot.

crazyfingers said...

Yeah, I'm kinda missing it now :(
I too am thinking of picking up an Orient Mako. Its been a while since I've purchased a watch and I think the Mako will be a nice beater watch for me.
So far, both my NATOs have been ordered from abroad. I've tried searching for them here, but couldnt get them anywhere. Although, I did once see a Zulu strap by Esprit at a local watch store, so maybe you can get your hands on one of those. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i am looking for a seiko5 old design oval(or square shaped?)full black.Can any good friend show the image!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you want sell that watch..?
if yes what is the cost..?

crazyfingers said...


Sorry, but it's already sold to the friend I mentioned about in the post :(