Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A WIS up in the air? Maybe you should pay a visit to the lavatory.

Form the Times Of India:

Costly Swiss watches found in AI plane toilet

Mumbai: Officials found 20 diamond-studded, branded Swiss watches in an Air India aircraft toilet on Monday. Each of the Franck Muller Geneve watches costs between Rs 10 lakh (~$22100) and Rs 15 lakh (~$33200). Six other less expensive watches of the same brand were also found.

The officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), who had received information about goods being hidden in the toilet, searched the AI Airbus which came from Abu Dhabi and landed at the international airport on Monday night. They found a cavity in the wall containing a bag full of watches and chemical packets.
The officials are investigating how the watches were taken inside the aircraft. “The passengers had left the aircraft when we reached,” they said. “We are investigating the involvement of the maintenance staff because the watches could only be removed after the aircraft, which is not locked, was shifted to the hangar.”
The officials said the sender would not smuggle watches into a country if he was not absolutely certain about his accomplice being able to take them out of the airport.

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nobody said...

Now that is really a crappy thing to happen to a watch.