Sunday, September 4, 2016

Some straps I made and a trip to Hong Kong

My strap making journey continues and I have since my last post, worked on a few more :

I soon realised that I was out of leather and needed to up my game, basically needed to get some better quality tools. Thankfully I had a work trip to Hong Kong and there are quite a few nice leather craft shops I could find there. Here are the tools I picked up:

I also picked up some more leather, a couple of straps for the PAM and a buckle. Bio too picked up leather nato for his Omega and a strap changing tool (since the regular one doesn't work on the Seamaster).  We also came across a LOT of watch stores for new and pre-owned watches. HK seriously is an amazing place for watch lovers.

Nato wrist shot

Wrists hot from the hotel

Nato love for the Omega and Panerai


more straps!
some watch browsing

never seen so many PAMs together

Here are two more straps I made after I came back. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out :)


Nick said...

Thanks for the article. should we keep the original watches straps and custom a normal strap to keep the value?

crazyfingers said...

Hey Nick!

That's totally up to you. I like wearing the watch on the original strap most of the times, apart from the Panerai. I like switching straps on it a lot. It's always fun to experiment with different straps. Regarding keeping the value, yes, the original strap in new or perfect condition will fetch you more when you sell it, but not by too much.