Friday, October 14, 2016

Incoming - the perfect dress watch!

Bio and I had a conference to attend in Washington DC, so I thought I'll extend my trip and meet my fiancé, who is currently working in Chicago. I reached the US a few days earlier and as excited I was to meet her, I was also excited for something engagement gift.

When we got engaged, my fiancé told me that since I had spent on the ring she too wanted to get something nice for me, and she knows how much I love watches. I really didn't want her to spend too much money on anything and thought maybe I can get something later, but she had other plans. It seems that over the years, she had actually been listening to me while I had been blabbering on about watches and she knew how much I liked a particular watch. This watch in my mind is the perfect dress watch, and something I didn't think I could afford for a while.

So when she decided to get me something nice, she couldn't have done it better and got me the stunning IWC Portugieser Chronograph 3714-45!

Through a very helpful member on Watchuseek, we got in touch with Jon from Govberg Jewellers who was very nice to deal with and gave us an excellent deal (much better than what I was getting in India). The watch was shipped from Philadelphia and arrived in perfect condition.

It's been a few weeks and so far I couldn't be happier. The build quality and finish is top notch, something I would expect from much more expensive watches. The watch comes on a black croc strap with a deployment buckle. I have't really used the chronograph function to time anything, but I fiddle around with it every now and then. I constantly find myself staring at and admiring the heck out of it. The blue hands change colour beautifully depending on how it reflects the light.

Another thing I wanted to add is that both Bio and I are fans of the show House Of Cards, and it so happens that Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood wears this particular model in a few episodes (great choice, I must say). Also, since I was in DC, I just had to take this wrist shot :)


Sam said...

Glad I found your blog. I think I followed a link from the Rolex forums. The IWC is on my wishlist too (but I'm lusting after the one with the blue hands and numerals).

After purchasing the Omega Moonwatch, this and a Rolex (Submariner or a GMT Master) are next on my list. But need to save up a bit for this... price is nearly 5.7 lakhs at Ethos ;)

crazyfingers said...

Hi Sam,

Yes, the blue hands one was on my mind too. Great choice!

The prices for Rolex are rising like crazy :(
Try asking for a discount, although it may not been very easy on sport models, try for 10-15% off MRP.