Sunday, May 23, 2010

New V/S Pre-owned advantages

Advantages of buying a watch brand new –

1) It’s new!! – A new watch always gives you a happy sensation in your head. It makes the watch special and makes you want to take extra care of it and ‘pampered’ it a little.

2) The only way to get a new model – Hey, if you want those newly launched models, there is no way you can get them pre-owned. This way you also have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the watch on your wrist before its starts becoming too common.

3) The buying experience – It’s always a nice experience when you buy something new from an AD (unless they are snobbish).

4) Good relations with the AD – Buying from an AD helps you build good relations with them and this is a great way of getting good discounts for your future purchases with them.

5) It supports the watch industry – Its simple, buying a watch directly from an AD will help support the watch industry and enable its growth.

6) The watch is unworn – A new watch is clean and unworn which is important for some people.

7) Don’t have to worry about getting it serviced – when you buy a pre-owned watch, there is always a doubt in your head about when the watch was last serviced and whether it requires to be sent it for one. You don't have to worry about all this when you buy a new one.

Lets face it, as stated above, buying a watch brand new will always have the extra special experience and feel to it, but if you can get beyond all that and don’t mind it being worn a lil, you’ll see that pre-owned watches really have its own advantages. Of course I’ll always recommend cleaning the watch properly and maybe changing the strap if it’s a leather one. Anyway, lets get on with the advantages.

Advantages of buying a watch pre-owned-

1) It’s always cheaper – That’s right! This is perhaps the biggest advantage of pre-owned watches over new ones. If there is a watch that you really want but can’t afford to buy a new one, a pre-owned is always the way to go, especially if it’s in mint condition.

2) You don’t lose much when you sell them – Most pre-owned watches from well known brands like Rolex, TAG, Omega, etc usually can be sold for a similar price as what you paid for them or in some instances, you may even make a profit on them. I have done so myself on 2 occasions. This also makes some of them a good investment.

3) Great for people who love to flip a lot – With pre-owned watches, its easy to buy and sell and hence a great way to try out a lot of different watches. Keep them for as long as you like and whenever you get bored or want to try on some different brand/model, just sell it.

4) Very rare to find a vintage or classic in brand new condition – If you want a vintage watch, then pre-owned may be the only way to go. You will have to get real lucky to get well known classic in new old stock.

So there you see, sometimes pre-owned watches can be the way to go when you think of buying your next watch. Besides, most people consider a watch to be used the moment its been bought and strapped on the wrist.


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