Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surprise Spotting

So, Crazyfingers and I visited our hometown of Dehradun after a LONG time and though there are some visible changes that have taken place (new eating joints, showrooms, etc), it's still keeps true to its image of a small town known for its MANY schools and green surroundings :)
Dehradun Railway Station

It was quite a refreshing change to be away from the fast paced and stressful lifestyle of Mumbai. I just loved how relaxed and laid back life still is back there. Eating out is cheap, even in the best of restaurants, and it's still quite rare to spot a Merc or a BMW on the roads :p But on the way back, at the airport we were quite surprised to spot 2 Omegas (Planet Ocean and Constellation) and a Rolex (apart from mine and CF's)! The guy with the Planet Ocean was sitting next to CF on the coach to the plane, but was looking a bit too grumpy to start a conversation with.
I had a connecting flight to Mumbai from Delhi the next day, but the evening we arrived, we visited the DLF Golf and Country Club in Gurgaon. It's a 142 acre expanse and has one of the best golf courses in the subcontinent. I was kicking myself for not carrying a camera, but I did manage to capture a couple of pictures of the golf course with my cell phone, which needless to say, do not do the place any justice.

DLF Golf and Country Club

Unfortunately, it was really hot out that day and we didn't stick around for very long, but while there I did spot a Rolex Yatchmaster! So in all, it was quite an exciting trip for two watch geeks like us :)


James Elsener said...

Dear Bio,

Thanks for the pictures. Your hometown seems to be a very green place indeed. You call it a small town and it is about three times as big as Basle or more than ten times as big as Neuch√Ętel! And we call them towns, over here.

Bio said...

Thanks James! My biggest regret was to forget my camera at home, while in a hurry to reach the airport :(
Living in a big city, I had forgotten how beautiful Dehradun was. I'm planning to make another trip this year, around October, when the weather is at its best, and this time round I'll make sure I carry my camera!
I'm sure the 'small' towns in Switzerland, more than make up in charm and pristine beauty, than what they do in size. My folks loved being there and I would love to visit them someday myself:)

Bio said...

Oh, by the way, the pictures above were taken at the DLF Golf and Country club in Gurgaon, in the outskirts of Delhi. That being said, Dehradun is a very green place indeed ;)

Aditya said...

Hello Bio & Crazyfingers,

I was pleasantly surprised to come across your blog. I too am involved with watches, in fact I make them. You could check out my blog sometime. Here is the link

Also, my wife is from Dehradun.

Needless to say, I am a follower of your blog now :-)


Bio said...

Hey Aditya,
Thanks for taking some time out and go through our blog. Followers are ALWAYS welcome! :)
It's great to meet a watch maker from India! I was glancing though your blog and I was blown away with the work you've been doing. How did you get started?
Great to hear your wife's from Dehra Dun, say hello to the her from a fellow Doonite!
Dhruv (Bio)

Aditya said...

Hello Dhruv,

It began as a hobby, but now this is all I do. Everything I know has been gleaned from books & fora like watchuseek, timezone & nawcc.

I am glad you found my blog interesting. Do check frequently & you will see, first hand, how my watch is made :-)


Bio said...

Hey Aditya,
It's quite amazing how much you've picked up off the internet and books, all by yourself. It's inspired Crazyfingers and I to do the same!
As for your blog, we're going to be regular followers. There's nothing more exciting then for someone to document how they're going about making their OWN watch! Quite fascinating!

V said...

Ahhhh.. the 18th green at DLF. Made many a birdie here.... but also have gone for many a dip while trying to go for the flag! Great blog!


crazyfingers said...

@V - Hehe! This place really is lovely. Too bad it was so hot that day that we couldn't really stay outdoors for too long. Glad you like the blog :)