Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incoming....HMT Pilot!!

A few months ago, I had helped a fellow WUS member obtain a black HMT Pilot and although Bio and I picked up 3 of them (thats all they had at the HMT showroom). At that point, I didn't think of keeping one for myself as I thought I'll come by another one easily, and besides, I could always wear Bio's if I wanted to. Soon the watch grew on me and I started calling and asking watch shops in my area if they had one on them, but none of them did. In fact one salesman even asked me if I could let him know when I do come across one.
Last week my dad called up from my hometown and told me that he came across one at a small watch shop! Needless to say I was ecstatic and I asked him to pick it up immediately. I also asked him to pick up a black Kohinoor, since its too tempting not to pick up just one.
He should be in Mumbai by today evening and I just can't wait to finally own a Pilot! Maybe I'll get a NATO or a Zulu strap for it. Pics will be posted soon!

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