Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its here!!

Yup, the Pilot is finally here! My dad told me that the salesperson told him that the watch had been in the display case for a long time. He even did a quick service before selling it, although I am not too sure how good it was as the crown seems a bit stiff when trying to wind it. Click on the pics to enlarge.

The watch definitely looks like an earlier model as compared to the one my brother bought. The case seems a lil 'edgy' and old fashioned and its has an extra line of text on the dial which I quite like. The lume seems a lil crusty and the numbers actually have an orange glow to it although very faint. The hands have a green glow like the newer model. Another thing I like is that the second hand on my watch is red.
In the end, I'm glad to finally have a Pilot in my collection. The strap on it is soft, but like i said earlier, I think I'll get a NATO for it.


sanky said...

crazyfinger, congrats for pilot. This is a repainted dial of original watch. You could have got the original dial as well. In my opinion, repainted dial dose not have the charm & aesthetics of original one. Difference is evident in that comparison picture of both pilots. Letter engraving is not done so proficiently.

crazyfingers said...

Thanks Sanky! :)
Also, thanks for educating me on the repainted dial. I had no idea. I thought since the case is a lil different as compared to my brother's Pilot, maybe the dial can be a lil different too.