Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It was just another slow day at work. I'm about to doze off in front of my monitor, when I get a call. It's my sister. She informs me that her 5 year wedding anniversary is around the corner and she needed my help to buy her husband a nice watch! Also, since most of the other married guys in their group had recently purchased/been gifted nice Swiss watches, she felt that her hubby, who is a doctor, needed to upgrade his watch too (he had a Giordano at the time). Needless to say, CF and I immediately offered her our help.
Here was what she wanted:
1) Recognised brand (no fashion watches)
2) Must be on a bracelet
3) Should be between Rs 25,000-30,000 ( $555-$666)
4) Should be "Swiss Made"

I wanted to suggest Hamilton, but since it's still not a known brand here, I suggested Rado and Tag (F1 series). After further discussion, we decided to go with Rado since it's been here for quite some time and is well known. Also, the F1 would've been slightly over her upper spending limit.
We agreed to meet at Inorbit Mall (a fairly well known Mall in Malad West) after CF and I were done from work.
After looking at a few Rado's we shortlisted a couple:
Rado original R12637113 (automatic)

Rado Coupole R22622712 (quartz)

Both were priced the same and although I was totally routing for the Original, we decided to go with the Coupole since the Original would've looked a little 'chunky' on her husband's smaller wrists. Also, it would be easier to wear under a shirt cuff.
Final price paid Rs 30,000 ($666), so she was quite pleased with the purchase. As for me. and CF...well, it was just another excuse to visit a watch shop, drool at the displays and try on a few watches :p
She plans on giving it to her husband today. I'm sure he's going to love it!


SriHari H S said...

Hey can you recommend a good watch for abt $200. I can get stuff from US as well so please let me know.

crazyfingers said...

Hi, I would suggest you take a look at Seiko/Seiko 5 and Orient watches. The Orient Mako in particular is in my 'affordable wish list'.

Bio said...

If you need more assistance in choosing the right watch, you can always leave your e-mail add and we'll get back to you :)

SriHari H S said...

Thanks for your help
I started looking at watches a few days ago for that good one and cannot believe how I am sucked into the forums and feels good to discover something so addictive...

my email id is sri.incubator(at)gmail.com and I welcome your help

Bio said...

You're welcome :) I'll begetting in touch with you via e-mail.